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The University of Kansas' payment plan is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). The payment plan allows students to pay their tuition, required campus fees, University housing charges, meal plan, and optional campus fees over various months depending on the semester. There is a $36 enrollment fee each term you use the TMS payment plan ($24 enrollment fee for summer). Click here to Enroll Online,or contact TMS at 1-800-722-4867 to enroll by phone.

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To avoid late payment fees, enroll in the payment plan and pay the $36 enrollment fee along with the appropriate number of monthly payments for the selected plan by the payment due date.

After you enroll in a TMS payment plan, all monthly payments should be made payable to Tuition Management Systems and sent to Tuition Management Systems, PO Box 94634, Cleveland, OH 44101-4634. TMS will send a monthly statement to the student or other payer until the student's payment plan is paid in full or cancelled. Not receiving a TMS statement does not negate the student's responsibility to pay the amount owed by the appropriate due date.

The Bursar's Office will continue to provide monthly ebill-notification as long as charges exist on your KU account. Please use KU's monthly ebill to verify you are paying the appropriate amounts to TMS. If variances exist between what you owe KU and your payment plan established with TMS, you are responsible for adjusting your TMS payment plan account. Underpayments can cause you to receive late fees from KU after the payment plan enrollment ends. In addition, you will not be able to enroll in future terms or receive a transcript until your KU account is paid in full.


TMS Enrollment Dates
Fall = June 1st - August 15th
Spring = November 1st - January 15th
Summer = April 1st - May 15th

Choose 4 or 3 interest-free monthly payments due on the 1st of each month.

Payment Due Dates
Fall = July 1st, Aug 1st, Sept 1st & Oct 1st
Spring = Dec 1st, Jan 1st, Feb 1st & Mar 1st
Summer = May 1st & June 1st


Frequently Asked Questions regarding TMS Payment Plan

How do I enroll in TMS?

You can enroll by Web or Phone. Simply call 1-800-722-4867 to enroll over the phone or visit

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Does TMS have access to my KU account or prepay my KU account balance?

TMS does not prepay your bill nor does TMS have access to specific details on your KU account. KU does not automatically send student personal information to TMS (i.e. name, address, phone number); therefore, you should contact TMS to update personal information records as needed.

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Does TMS charge late fees or can they cancel my payment plan?

If TMS does not receive the required payment by the 5th of the month that the payment is due, TMS will assess a $40 late fee. In addition, your TMS account will be cancelled by TMS if payment is past due by 30 days. If this occurs, you will owe all outstanding amounts to KU immediately and be subject to KU late payment fees policy.

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When will TMS send my payment to KU?

TMS forwards amounts received to KU weekly. A recent payment to TMS may not be reflected on the KU ebill due to the date.

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Can I send my TMS payment to KU?

For proper credit to your TMS account, all TMS payments should be sent directly to TMS at Tuition Management Systems PO Box 645113 Cincinnati, OH 45264-5113. Remember to pay by the 1st of each month in order to avoid late fees.

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Do I have to update my balance owed to TMS if my KU account balance changes?

Compare the TMS balance due to your KU ebill each month. If it is determined that you owe more or less to KU than what is contracted with TMS, contact TMS at 1-800-722-4867 and ask TMS to adjust your remaining payments accordingly.

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What happens if I do not pay TMS or KU the full amount due on my KU account?

A hold will be placed on your KU account preventing you from enrolling in future semesters or receiving a transcript until your KU account is paid in full. TMS and KU will assess late payment fees when payments are not received on time. In addition, your TMS account will be cancelled by TMS if payment is past due by 30 days. If this occurs, you will owe all outstanding amounts to KU immediately and be subject to KU late payment fees policy.

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How can I verify that KU knows I am enrolled in the TMS payment plan?

A message will appear on the front of the KU ebill indicating you are paying through the TMS payment plan until the plan closes for the semester. As long as you pay the appropriate amount on time to TMS, you will not be subject to KU late payment fees.

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When is my payment due to TMS?

Tuition Management System payments are due on the 1st of the month. TMS assesses a $40 late fee on past due accounts. An account is past due on the 5th of the month the payment is due.

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What if I pay TMS more than the amount due on my KU account?

TMS will forward all payments to KU weekly. If a payment applies to your KU account that causes a credit balance to exist, KU will send an overpayment refund to you after the 50% refund period has passed for the semester. Refunds are sent to your bank account via direct deposit or to your billing or permanent address as listed in the Enroll & Pay system. You can setup direct deposit at - Student Services Center - Finances - Direct Deposit of Refunds. Addresses can be updated by selecting Student Services Center - General Info tab - Addresses.

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